Resources for the Deaf Community

Unless you or your loved ones are part of the community, it is difficult for a hearing person to understand the issues that impact the members of the deaf community.  Conversely, Deaf individuals should also have awareness of the services available to them, specially in the New York City area.

I have compiled a list of links of websites that have helped me in my understanding of the Deaf community and have improved the services I provide to my clients.


  •–This website is a great introduction for individuals who want to learn more about the Deaf community. It includes a lot of historical information on deafness along with articles on conditions that lead to deafness.
  • National Association for the Deaf–The NAD is the premier organization involved in protecting the rights of the American Deaf Community. Their site has a lot of great resources for advocacy in important areas such as employment discrimination and access to education.  It also includes a lot of information for learning, teaching, or interpreting ASL.

Deaf Individuals in NYC

  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Interpreting Services–The DHIS is the leading interpreting agency in the NYC metro area. DHIS has a strong connection to the Deaf community and definitely understand that understanding an individual’s needs is essential in facilitating the communication process.  Just read their testimonial page. It speaks for itself.
  • DeafNYC–A great website for Deaf individuals living in NYC. Includes links to news, job opportunities, and workshops (for both members and interpreters). DeafNYC also focuses on the social aspect of Deaf culture and has tons of information on community events and entertainment.

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